Sunsets at California Beaches Hit You Deep in Your Soul

Who isn't moved feeling a subtle breeze, the sound of waves crashing on shore, and watching the most brilliant sunsets in the world fade to darkness? Cycles and seasons are usually quite subtle at Californa's beaches but once you get to know them and learn how to work with the flow of life you'll be energized by the endless possibilities that await you each day from the moment the sun comes up till it goes down over the Pacific Ocean.

Why you would dedicate your life to photographing beaches, especially in California where visitors complain the landscape is rather plain? Something gets under your skin and hooks you. Are you going to miss the brilliant greens of summer and the autumn colors as leaves fall from trees in Vermont? Maybe... California beach photography is a different experience completely and is best appreciated in contrast to other landscapes. Photographers should visit a variety of places to appreciate each and every reality offered, as experienced through the lens. Beach photography is a world of contrasts with extreme bright sand beaches and deep, dark oceans. Each time of day unveils its beauty, inviting you to interpret the situation and record it just the way you feel.

Bring Life Into Focus

For dynamic impact frame a scene and get up close and personal. A few colors in a picture make great frameable art.

Living Things

An abundance of birds live at and love the beach. They swoop overhead, they sift the sand with their beaks looking for treats, and they make for great subject matter.

Surfing photography

If you're in California and you're at the beach, you can't ignore the vibrant surfing culture and beautiful rides of the wave catchers. Bring telephoto lenses to capture the action up close.

Bay Watch, Baby!

You could dedicate an entire book to lifeguards--and some people have done so. These protectors of the beach and its visitors demand respect for their willingness to put their lives on the line.